20s-30s / Young Adults Group

What we do

We gather for potluck gatherings to share about our lives, have fun, discuss theology, talk about our social justice concerns, christen our bicycles, do fun rituals and really just be together.

Gatherings are monthly.

Email fellow[at]stmarysdorchester.org for details on the next gathering


The group was founded in the spring of 2016 on a Sunday when all of the young adults happened to be there. Then Life Together Fellow Will Harron saw the numbers, and saw the need, and brought people together for their first potluck gathering. Since then, attendance and energy have grown, and the group has branched out, meeting in members’ homes, talking about spiritual journeys, social justice, making art, doing rituals together, and having a great time. The parish’s social justice team grew out of this group.

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